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Stormfront is a progression raiding guild on the Thorium Brotherhood(US) server.

Update:  Stormfront has server transferred to Sargeras.

The new website is

We are now <Farsight> on the Sargeras(US) server.  It was a hard call to make after 7 or so years of raiding on Thorium Brotherhood, but we finally made the change in order to benefit from the higher... far, far higher, population of experienced raiders and increased opportunities afforded by the other server.  

Thanks to friends we'll still be keeping in touch and joining in heroic raids, group content, etc. with or Thor/Silver/Farstrider friends.  In addition, we'll maintain our placeholder <Stormfront> guild on Thorium, though guild activity will be centered on Sargeras.

In other news and signs of the times, this guild launch site is rarely used or checked by anyone anymore. We are mostly active in our Discord server these days.  Hop in and say hi if you wish.  Get an invite code from any of us in game.


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